Some changes were made to the gamemode in order to balance the gameplay and optimize the client and server. In this update, the focus is higher for optimizing the gamemode as much as possible.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed map voting system not properly highlighting the maps that were already played.
  • Fixed an issue with two players where the last human notification would not play after selection until someone died.
  • Fixed temporarily an overlap issue where the last human music and playing state music would play at the same time.
  • Fixed music volume being wrongly adjusted on the EmitSound function.
  • Fixed barrels spawns having the other physical props also be possible spawns.
  • Fixed automatic spawn selection for barrels being broken if all the possible spawns did not met their requirements.
  • Fixed spawn system to "draw in" to the nearest barrel possible based on minimal distance requirement from humans.

Gameplay Changes

  • Magnum shot delay reduced from 1.5 -> 1.25 seconds.
  • SMG shot damage reduced from 25 -> 20.
  • Bullets will do a slight force in order to move props easily.

Optimization Changes

  • Team Players and Team Spawns are cached for certain actions.
  • Spawn System is slightly optimized to quickly select a random spawn.

Map Changes

  • Maps with info_terrorist_start entity spawns will be converted to barrels.
  • sb_endless_maze will procedurally generate half spawns for human players and half spawns for barrels.