Gamemode Update #4

by Robert - Posted Sep 8, 2018

This update only represents a small hot-fix and some optimization done within the game code.Bug FixesFixed music looping overlapping when joining, music time should be more consistent now.Fixed animated centered notifications have some positioning issues after animations.

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Gamemode Update #3

by - Posted Sep 6, 2018

This update log emphasizes the feel for game to be more faster paced. Explosions are slow to trigger but explode more viciously, barrels run 30 units faster than humans in order to catch them up, they spawn more "closer" to you now so you have to keep on moving. Due to those vicious changes for the barrels, the humans received a small buff to lengthen slightly their survivability chances.Bug FixesFixed music looping being very inconsistent based on a GMOD function that never worked.Fixed the music logic to have some "playing consistency", music should now "play" even if you are waiting on load.Fixed having the death sound still playing for everyone.Fixed some probable font scaling issue at certain resolutions.Fixed the logic behind the team caching for the server.Fixed the issue where bullets would hit your teammates and not the barrels.Fixed the logic behind the amount of explosion range applied based on the time started to charge the explosion vs time when killed by a human.Gameplay ...

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Gamemode Update #2

by - Posted Aug 31, 2018

Some changes were made to the gamemode in order to balance the gameplay and optimize the client and server. In this update, the focus is higher for optimizing the gamemode as much as possible.Bug FixesFixed map voting system not properly highlighting the maps that were already played.Fixed an issue with two players where the last human notification would not play after selection until someone died.Fixed temporarily an overlap issue where the last human music and playing state music would play at the same time.Fixed music volume being wrongly adjusted on the EmitSound function.Fixed barrels spawns having the other physical props also be possible spawns.Fixed automatic spawn selection for barrels being broken if all the possible spawns did not met their requirements.Fixed spawn system to "draw in" to the nearest barrel possible based on minimal distance requirement from humans.Gameplay ChangesMagnum shot delay reduced from 1.5 -> 1.25 seconds.SMG shot damage reduced from 25 -> 20.B...

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Gamemode Update #1

by - Posted Aug 29, 2018

Some changes were made to the gamemode in order to balance the gameplay and optimize the client and server.Gameplay ChangesBarrels stats were modified to balance out the weapon changes.Max HP increased from 5 -> 100, similar to the humans.Explosion starting range reduced from 90 -> 75.Explosion ending range reduced from 140 -> 125.Explosion power charge per tick reduced from 0.35 -> 0.25.Explosion power when killed by human reduces from 5% -> 15%.Weapons no longer do 100 damage, no longer have 1 bullet per clip per reload, bullet cone has been modified too.Pistol clipsize increased from 1 -> 8Pistol shoot delay increased from 0.11 -> 0.13Pistol damage decreased from 100 -> 50Pistol cone min/max altered from 0.02/0.08 -> 0.02/0.09SMG clipsize increased from 1 -> 20SMG shoot delay increased from 0.1 -> 0.125SMG damage decreased from 100 -> 25SMG cone min/max altered from 0.02/0.08 -> 0.03/0.09Magnum clipsize increased from 2 -> 6Magnum bullet ric...

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Server is up

by Robert - Posted Aug 28, 2018

Suicide Barrels is now back and will be remade all over again as a brand new game.The server IP is do keep an eye that the game is heavily on development as it was modified 5 years ago.

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