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  • Description:

    GLMVS is a Globalized Map Voting System that supports multliple gamemodes at once and acts (SOON TO BE) as a Fretta Framework Extension (for non-fretta gamemodes). Modular coded to ensure easy modding/enhancements for future purposes. Re-coded from scratch and doesn’t use anything else as a base other than itself. Can support many gamemodes at once with hooks or without hooks.


    • Easy to maintain, manage and install the maps/library.
    • Sleek Design that supports the garry’s map icons and can be modificable for any gamemode!
    • Supports a plethora of gamemodes! More than what your ordinary votemap addon.
    • Heavily working external features. Such as RTV and stuff!

    Supported Gamemodes:

    • Awesome Strike: Source
    • DarkRP (RTV Only)
    • Deathrun (Shadow/Mr. Gash Version)
    • Extreme Football Throwdown
    • Gun Gaym (Untested)
    • Morbus (Untested)
    • Pirate Ship Wars (Untested, Gamemode has issues with something)
    • Sandbox (RTV Only)
    • Stop it, Slender!
    • Super Mayhem/Mario Boxes (Untested)
    • Ultimate Chimera Hunt (Untested, should work since its like the EFT except a butchered fretta.)
    • The Stalker
    • Trouble in Terrorist Town
    • Zombie Escape
    • Zombie Survival



    • ptown2 (Lead Programmer/Project Lead of GLMVS)
    • MacDGuy (Programmer)
    • Aspen (Maker of the GLMVS Logo)