Mathlogic is simply a math game for Windows, nothing else.


Avalanche is a fast-paced puzzle game where you 3-match iced color balls with ExtremePhysics 2.2 (2DBox Physics Remade). Made in Game Maker 8.0 as a final project (reverse-engineering the now defunct Avalanche by ImagiEngine).

Minesweeper HTML5

It's basically Minesweeper but redone for HTML5 via GameMaker: Studio. Source code is actually lost so don't expect any source code release.


GLMVS is just a vote-map system on Garry's Mod. That's all.

Gaming Journalism Mayhem

It's a game about #GamerGate, game journos and SJWs combined together. The whole lore for this game was about a journo tired with all of this corruption and decided to fight back by mashing his keyboard (then eventually gets fired). This was mostly a message to some good journos being fired due to the SJWs sending threats and such to their work boss.

Keyboard Mayhem

Do you have the guts to type in a mayhem matter? DO YOU?